Jardin Exraordinaire

Jardin Extraordinaire - Pumpkin Field
We were tipped off about this show from some friends that live under Montsegur. They described it as a village fete centered around gardens.

When we arrived at the tiny village of Lieurac (west of Lac Montbel) we knew something big was up. The amount of cars and people was more akin to a large festival.
Jardin Extraordinaire - Faces in the Clay
The Fete is just outside the village along a river, in a few fields and gentle wooded slope. It is put on by a collaboration of artists. The River has a walk that runs on an artificial shingle bank weaving past unexpected sculptures and rock art. The Woods are the same but without the river. Lots of ingenious calabash pots with flowers, mosses and woven natural fibers. Sticks are arranged in patterns. Details are everywhere. Hanging from trees, hollows in the earth. The field is dominated by a series of large bamboo structures that support a dense canopy of squash. Some are edible pumpkin, others are calabash. A few structures are built in the form of tepees. One large geodesic dome was home to a kora harp player. Another field was a labyrinth of head high wild flower, whilst another field had kids games.
Jardin Extraordinaire - Padame hold up a squash
Jardin Extraordinaire - Kora Harpist
Jardin Extraordinaire - dreamcatcher
There was also entertainment, theater, comedians, a live band in the evening, a bar serving ice cold craft beer, a candle lit walk at night, lots of stuff.

From Thursday to Sunday – every year in the last week of August.
Jardin Extraordinaire - River Walk 1
Jardin Extraordinaire - Moss Balls