Invasion of the Fly Maggot

Truly disgusting. Has anyone ever had anything like this happen before?

Mara and Anika awoke the other morning to dozens of maggots crawling down from the top floor towards the heat of the kitchen. Though they were promptly hoovered up there were more the next morning, and the next morning, though the waves of maggots are diminishing.


We thought they could be wood worm at first – they look more like fly larvae. Perhaps there is a perishing rodent under the floor boards upstairs.

Overlanders passing through our hamlet – Could we become a stop-over campsite??

This week we had a visit from a Dutch couple making their overland trip. They pulled up in an impressive air cooled Magirus Deutz that had extensive modifications to give it all the ruggedness of an overlander coupled with comfort.

Magirus Deutz

They spent some time with us though they were fully tanked so did not need water or electricity. The wet weather meant we could not take them to any of our local sites. That said, they already know the area and will be passing the sacred mount Canigou as they make their way to the winter grounds of Morocco.

We hope they stop by again on their return journey as we would love to hear of their adventures.

Have a good trip!!

If anyone wants to follow them they have a travel blog: