Overlanders and now snow!

It has been a busy few weeks here in Les T.
We had a visit from a lovely family looking to buy some land in the area. We hope they are successful because we would love them to live here. They have two little girls, twins, aged three.

overlander friends

Living in their Merc they have been touring the area in search of a home. It was thanks to Graine de Vie, the alternative school in Quillan that they heard about this area.

Then after they moved on (to visit friends in Galicia), we were visited by our old friends Manu and Pimp whom we met in Morocco. We first encountered them in Essouiria over Christmas. Then we followed each other down the coast to Paradise valley. They have traded their Merc 508 for a blue Merc 1831 with palatial living quarters inside. It was good to catch up but we were all falling ill with colds (the entire Hameau!) so I felt we were a bit stagnant. Nevertheless we took them to Renne-les-Bains (the hot spring is once again re-opened after some activists drilled into the floor to burst the pipe) which was lovely as always.


Now they have left and it has started snowing! When Anika gets back from school we shall get out the sledges.

snow les t

One thought on “Overlanders and now snow!

  1. I told you snow was about to come!
    Tanks again for all, it was great! Hope you all feel better. Take care! (All the hameau!!!)
    See you in better weather conditions and healthier as well!

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