Les Tougnets at -2C

We are finally getting a taste of a proper winter here in Les Tougnets. The temperature hovers between -1 and -2C during the day. That is without the wind chill which at 32km/h is blasting over the col. The wind is carrying all the snow that settled over the last few days and building up drifts over a meter deep.
Les Tougnets in the snow
Access from the col is blocked by drifts but a 4×4 can still get in and out of the hamlet from the more sheltered Saint Jean road. The Mayor of Saint Jean just popped in, with his Toyota 4×4 to make sure everyone are ok. If the winters here were long and snowy I imagine this hamlet could quite easily get buried under the snow. Point to note: we need cross country skis.
Jac's house under snow
We tested the 4×4. No problems in ice and snow until it gets to one meter deep. Then the resistance of the under body becomes too much. We ran the test trying to climb up the road with the heavy drifts. If we carried a spade then no problem. Still, the Wolf has been invaluable pulling several vans and a car out of the hamlet.
snow bull
This afternoon I need to get to the vets. I shall take the wolf. Needless to say – there was no school today for Anika or Leon

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