Gotta get that roof fixed

Its Spring. ‘T’shirt weather. Time to fix the roof. Luckily I have an excellent roofer on the job. Its all about moving the tiles around until they cover up any holes.

Meanwhile there was a chicken fair in Limoux. We went along to get a few Bantans. Mara picked two Argois and Anika picked a Pekin.
our chickensIMG_1466

Mostly its been working in the garden and house. The spiring came on so fast. One day it was sleet and barely over 2C then all of a sudden we were 12C. Next day 15C. Day after 20C. That said. There has been plenty of snow on the mountains. Last Sunday we were sledging on Camurac (about an hours drive away). Anika found a beautiful slope. Trouble is, she does not like the walk back up the slope so she kept going, down the mountain, into the forest. We caught up with her and convinced her to climb back up to a peak where we sat and admired the stunning view of the white capped Pyrenees.

We set up a tire swing too – great fun!
tire swing

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