Mara’s reflections

On this pic above… pregnant with Anika! 😉

Short Reflections on the Journey

Sometimes we have to leave our Comfort-Zones to be clear again what we value! And Traveling is def testing the grounds on an emotional, physical and financial security.

Would like 2 share a glimpse of thought… experience…laughter…education….jumping up high and falling down low Points of traveling as a Woman and Mother from familiar Terrain to a Muslim World.

16 July ’12 Soon leaving….
Who speaks the language….how to express your desires into another. Threads are pulling…Want to stay? Want to go? Leavin my Job, leavin a Home, leaving a country for good- for a new unknown with a four year old.
Simple speaks the Heart
and still so perplex,
connecting to words of purity.

Still, be still’ listen to every beat. Realizing so often we’r so far from it!
Let it beat strong and steady and we shall find our free souls and consciousness through invisible threads that weave us into the subtle fabric of the universe with Love.

30 July ’12

Its time to connect to all sisters and brothers out there and near!

9 August ’12

First Route: Belgium (Bruges) – Germany (Chiemsee)

After our French delicious croisant we’r on the Highway again too Belgium. We drove into Bruges as a suggestion from Lilian. Lucky escaping the famous fries here and dipping instead into a real tradition of rapped up Asparagus in Ham cooked in Potato-mash. For certain I could’nt resist later the dark chocolate dipped Waffle!! Anika was quite satisfied with her usual Spagetthi and Tomatosouce! 😉 Besides food the town reminded me on many little towns in Austria. Nice.

Leaving the Flat, flemisch Flandern and arriving through lots of Woods besides the Highways in Northern Germany with lots of Wind Turpines and Fields of Solar cells in a hilly landscape very enjoyable . The south of Germany was less enjoyable.

AUSTRIA is a little wilder….!

Second Route: Austria (Salzburg, Werfen to Carinthia (Turracher Hoehe)

Finally off the Highway we came to stop on Country roads were we hear cow bells ringing and birds singing. Clean Air, clear Views….Living Water and lots of creepy crowlies. Flies, Spiders, Ticks, Mosquitos, Ants wild Butterflies on wild Flowers. Amazing how even small life like that can make a city person jump! One thing for sure either Animal or Human, everyone will feel small infront of high rising Mountaintops with ice-cold river flow streaming down hill with all its Power.

Swimming in this Lakes makes every cell come alive, makes the skin go smooth and the thirst grow big for a quality beer!


While Miki is waiting to see a dearest deer in a peaceful meadow we’re are waiting to see more of Alpine in Austria!









TRAVELLING is pure experience to adapt, stay flexible and become StreetWise.

Now if Citypeople, Townpeople or Countrypeople travel it opens up their Horizont of perception and it leaves the opportunity open to accept certain Rules or to move on.

EVERYTHING HAS more SIDES! Its the law of Nature. Call it Zing Zan -YingYang, the front side and the back side or the Positive and the Negative. We shall try to meet in the Middle of it!

While people in a city enjoy Jobopportunities, convenient service of trade, entertainment or a bigger group of people with common interest in a countyside you can gain better living environments and health if you chose too. Its everyonce own choice own responsibility. Especially when one travels one has to stay particular flexible and open to other ideas. Even poor people shall have the choice of running were the money is or staying committed to a small but quality rich farmyard (no distant travelling possible = emission friendly). The choice can be a tough one.

I would say as bigger a city as more diverse a city as more accepting an experienced human becomes of the surrounding plaster. As you have to accept fast to the diverse cultural norms for movement and development to function.
The country sets you back from that frantic pace of modern day! You walk the pace you chose, how fast to set it and when to change it. To what is good for your individuality and your family shall be equally right for all human beings!

Your own culture, your own history and lifestyle shapes this diversity on that planet.

7th Octobre ’12

Mountains are exciting!

THis Images are taken from the Dolomites!

Suedtirol, the Italian – Austrian Fusion, sweetend with ice-cream! 😉

Bolanzo: Ein eigenes Wasserkraftwerk als Energie Lieferant +Fields and fields of wineyards – beautiful! + old build habsburger drinking fountains with fresh water for everyone to use spread around the city. A paradise for families, kids and elderly if you like the snow in the winters!

Coming in from the eastside of Birnbaum (the sweetest smallest village) stretching the old boarder of stateregulations we drove over the Karnischen Dolomiten Strasse and followed the Mountains over to Pocol, Falzarego and Marmarole Mountains THEY are absolutely amazing. Each Top so unique to the other, so different! Big and Massive…just  stunning. Its quite addictive i found and i felt something missing when we’ weren’t around them. Just as you can miss the Ocean blue for warmth and swimming. Karer See is by far a vigrin of lakes with its static blue-colour! Its pure pleasure to meet Natures Forces in its stunning Body, living it, breathing it, tasting it- working with it! Every Morning washing my face than makes your blood circulation go strong as its ice cold water sometimes.

So coming back to Bozen after the Mountain Trip was still a nice suprise its a charming town surrounded by castles and wineyards with lots of riverstreams running down from the hills. Its a bless for a child to grow up with two languages spoken fluently by everyone! Suedtirolisches deutsch und italienisch ofcourse with the addition of English. Ice-cream def sweetens the tongue of the language! The best ice-cream maker i found in Bozen came from Venezuela, over 3 Generations they have made their unique flavours without additives in truly the best taste of the real thing like strawberries or dates with vanilla, hazelnut from a mountainregion made by family friends in their homes or chocolate and coffee etc just to name a few. ! Maestro Artigiano: Paolo Coletto check it out for yourself.

Surrounded by the forces of Nature. Also social order is maintained more from personal ethics and from supervision and community standarts than on law and police enforcement. This is here slightly easier than in Carinthia/Austria! However, on a personal note my Home shall be also where Friends and Family are! Idealistic Community living is beneficial to us Humans!!

The Po-region further on after the gorgeousness of Lake Garda further down in the South of Italy was uninteresting Flatland with a few exceptions of nice towns like Cremona. And than i never liked Plains as much as dramatic Landscapes.
Genova City gave me a headache and so i’am ready to experience France to the West!  Au revoir!


Hir gehts weiter/ Continuation:


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13 thoughts on “Mara’s reflections

  1. alles o.k. mit euch?
    leider ist mein englisch so schlecht …ich wünsch mir ab- und zu auch einen bericht auf deutsch!
    glg heide uns geht`s gut, viel zu tun der herbst ist wunderschön…

    • Ja der Herbst ist wircklich wunderschoen! Gottseidank konnten wir uns auch hir in Frankreich noch ein paar Badetage geniessen!

      Auf nach Lagrasse und dann bald zu den Pyrenees wo es wohl wieder kaelter sein wird nach dem Strand 😉 lots of love xxma.

    • liebe mara und co.
      zu deiner familieninfo: dein uropa hatte einen botanik-lehrer und freun in monpellier dort gibt es noch immer ein botanik institut prof. braun-blanque? war sein name. es wurde schon damals international besucht und von indien sehr unterstützt.
      gute weiterreise für euch! bei uns viel der erste schnee und milo hat schon einen schönen schneemann gebaut! besito an anika und euch
      glg heide

      • Find ich auch sehr interessant!! Ich muss erst einen Artikel ueber die Kueste Frankreich schreiben, bin etwas hinterher. 😉 xxmara

  2. Hi dear, the mounth Safar is ending now. We say it ist a difficoult mounth. And i felt like that. But now it start getting better..Alhamduiallah
    Did u hear about Oukaimeden thats The snowing mountains off Afrika? Greets

  3. liebe mara,phill,anika!
    ich schaue mir immerwieder eure reiseberichte an-schön warm-so scheint es!
    anikas filmauftritt ist sehr lieb, auch milo möchte es gern ansehen, immerwieder…
    wir haben viel schnee-sonnenschein-blauen himmel!
    gute reise, freu mich auf ein weiteranschauen eurer fotos/filme!
    glg heide

    • Das freut uns Das Milo es sich auch gern ansieht! 😉 Kaerntner Winter ist wohl der schoenste in Europa da es immer noch Blauen Himmel und Sonnenschein gibt!!! Einmal werd ich Anika diesen Winter in Oesterreich auch zeigen, sie fragt immer wieder nach euch. Danke fuer die liebe SMS. Love M.

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